Automatic Delivery


•  Polar Energy Inc. agrees to deliver heating oil at the address indicated above on an automatic delivery schedule to be calculated using a degree day system unless otherwise mutually agreed to.

•  The price per gallon is Polar Energy’s price as published on their website on the day the delivery is made.

•  You understand that Polar Energy Inc. only delivers heating oil on a COD basis, which means the customer must provide a payment method in advance of the delivery. i.e. Credit Card or Debit Card

•  Polar Energy Inc, is responsible for the delivery of heating oil to the indicated fill location designated by you. You agree that neither Polar Energy Inc. nor its employees shall be liable for any damages resulting from leaks or for the failure of the receiving tank or associated piping.  You must notify Polar Energy Inc. in writing of any alterations of thr receiving tank or any associated piping.  Failure to notify shall relieve Polar Energy Inc. of any liability resulting from damages from a spill or leaks.

•  You agree to excuse Polar Energy Inc. for nonperformance under this contract to the extent that such failure to perform is due to an uncontrollable force.  Uncontrollable forces may be, but are not limited to unusually severe weather conditions, acts of God, war, acts of terrorism, failure of public utilities, or supply constraints imposed by our suppliers.

•  This contract will remain in force until you notify Polar Energy Inc. in writing of your intent to cancel.  This notification must be received in writing 30 days prior to your requested cancellation date.

•  Polar Energy Inc. reserves the right to refuse delivery due to a balance outstanding on your account.

•  By signing below, I (we) hereby agree to enter into this contract to purchase oil through an automatic delivery system from Polar Energy, Inc.